Out and about in Southern California got me very inspired. I wanted to show my diversity as a photographer. These are shots of the local area of Carlsbad.The day was beautiful and stunning. The people and fauna was lovely. I’d go down there in an instant for a good day in the sun at leisure and play all hard work when you get down to the doing of it, but they, the locals, make it look easy. I guess that’s why it’s California.

Becca was great to talk to and I really enjoyed them. Their eyeshadow palette is great. I worked with it briefly and it goes on very sheer. It blends very nicely and I would use it with an oil base product like Marula Shimmering Gold Oil. Blend as if making a mixture for painting; using a bit of olive oil to make the mixture go further. Paint it on the lid for a beautiful effect. You can also go and make a ‘spackle’ using the powder eyeshadow and a different implement to apply little bits of shadow. It can be fun to try. Dare and experiment and see how you like it. Get to the shop and buy. The Marula Shimmering Gold Oil by African Botanicals is very much worthwhile.

'Tis the season for pop-up shops and you’ll find them everywhere! I went to Revolve a popup shop expecting to be around through to December 22. It’s located in Melrose close to Fairfax cross streets. In it you’ll find many things worthwhile for the shopper into trying the latest and greatest items on the market for makeup and beauty. I found representatives of the brands to be there from Becca and Nu-Face both new companies for me, but with products that were too interesting to pass up. I was given a sample palette of Becca eyeshadows and they were great for playing and layering. I’d buy it easy. I was also given a great gift from Nu-Face, a company that specializes in products for the face to reduce aging lines and improve skin elasticity and resilience. It’s started by Carol Cole and I found it to be very diverting and also filled with great potential for other applications. I wondered if it might be great for the restoration of facial muscle mobility in stroke victims to include restoration of tactile awareness (nerve restoration). Although the device is mainly for the face it reminded me of devices used to heal my tendon when I went to physical therapy when in the military. It’s travel size makes it great for home use for those who have sport injuries should they receive a patent for that application. Other baubles of interest were the tattoo pen, products by Amikca, and perfumes. Go if you get the chance.

In the Tub Volume 2 book launch was a huge success. The red carpet was stellar with celebrity designers such as Eli James of GhostCircusApparel.com. Actors from upcoming Marvel Group movie Black Panther and models from the book such as Lola Miche and Ricky Whittle. Mario Van Peeples was also in attendance. Fashion highlights are captured here from the red carpet. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com. You can find more at andshesawstars.com.

The event was fantastic. It was the book launch opening night for TJ Scott’s In the Tub Volume 2. It took place at Hollywood and Highland in the Sweet! Hollywood shop. It was well attended and the after party was full of guests. It carried on well into the evening. The red carpet was phenomenal. I didn’t get to meet the photographer sadly, his work was engaging. I did get to meet many others and spoke of the project and it’s scope/reach and audience. I was able to gain insight into the opinions from some of models in the project to include feedback and impression from the charity’s FUCANCER ambassadors that were in attendance. All felt it was well worth it and worthwhile as an artform. I spoke to celebrities and attendees on their love of their fashion that they were sporting and I did on-the-spot interviews from exitees from the red carpet to see just what moved them to attend and what got them into the project. See more at andshesawstars.com. For images, please contact andshesawstars@gmail.com.

The fight against cancer was on during the book launch celebrating TJ Scott’s second release of a project focusing on models and art posing in and around a simple prop: the tub. Attendees included celebrities, the project’s models and photographers. It was a collaborative project between the TJ Scott and the charity FUCANCER. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com. For more see andshesawstars.com.

Hollywood & Highland saw the opening launch of TJ Scott’s second book In the Tub Volume 2 to celebrate art and the fight against cancer. It is a collaboration in success and the evening was well attended. Food provided by LA Root. Signed books auctioned off during the evening as well as copies available for purchase. It was chance to meet models for the project, as well as the photographer and even the charity’s ambassador in attendance. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com. More can be found at andshesawstars.com.

This is a quickie trend flash. I loved the style on the red carpet of People You May Know (2017). These shots are about what caught my eye. I’ll post more on my blog at andshesawstars.com. The movie premiere was at The Grove in Los Angeles Nov 13, 2017. I was in the photographer’s pit. It was great. I saw tons of style on and off the red carpet which is key for my readership. Usher’s jacket was too hot. I loved the starlette there and their choice of evening chic. Simple jeans, heels, and great hair. Make-up flawless. The same could be said for the gents. Watches too intriguing to be missed. Jewelry for both men and women were great statement pieces. A trend to watch and participate in. I’ve got mine. Boots and booties were all the rage and blue suede a trend I’ve been watching for 2-3 years is finally on the body. Straight from the shoe. It’s like that for the women and it’s making it’s way into men’s fashion. You can see it in the suede shoes with blue laces. Great accents. Hot trends for the men. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com. More can be found at andshesawstars.com.

More from People You May Know (2017) Premiere Night at The Grove. The red carpet was fabulous. I am posting images here and then dump of the images can be found on ladonnadavis.carbonmade.com under Projects. Posts are also found at andshesawstars.com. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com.

The Opening Night Premiere of People You May Know (2017) at The Grove in Los Angeles. The Red Carpet was awesome and so was the cast. Interesting premise for the film and the script was stellar. See my movie review at andshesawstars.com and also here at ladonnadavis.carbonmade.com. Great shots of the stars and crew that were there. For images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com.

FIDM Runway 2017. For more images contact andshesawstars@gmail.com and see also andshesawstars.com. 2017 Debut Fashion Show from FIDM was a huge success. The student’s work was impeccable. I loved many items. It would be awesome and very timely if buyers were in attendance. I do not know if the show is open to buyers. I would totally love to see the students who showcase at Debut to be seen at MAGIC! It would be a great segway for them to make it into the industry with style as their collections are easily marketable and well worth the investment. The training to get through to the end is demanding and the final product shows that. I’ve been many times and each time Debut knocks my socks off.

Salvaggia Armani handpainted handbags

This shoot was done at Edelman Leather at the showroom in Melrose. Features models Jorden Karsten and Regina Jijanti (Face-Off Season 8). The handbags are handpainted by Salvaggia Armani. For images and model contact email andshesawstars@gmail.com. More can be found at andshesawstars.com.

Just got published in iMirage Magazine. My spread 'Faery Through the Looking Glass' was published in digital and print 1 Sep 15. I was so excited to get in and I'm looking forward to getting more published in general, but also with them. I hope you guys like them. Check out my website http://andshesawstars.com.

These are pictures I took during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2015 that I developed into artwork. These images become what I call my 'Gallery Pics' and these are really special because they show a big development from my earlier Gallery Pictures. You can see my Galleries in my Projects. They are labeled. These images are the ones I'm planning to sell or are selling at my Etsy shop. You can find it under And She Saw Stars. The sizes though I'm hoping to keep at Gallery sizes so 20"X24" for example. I hope to one day have an exhibition of my work. These images capture Faery, Goddesses, Muses, Sprites, and one Playboy. I hope you like them. More to follow. I found the inspiration, fashion designers work and MBFWA environment to be rich with prospective art subjects. Check out http://zhangpasi.com/boyintheblackbowtie. He's the model for the last image with the Playboy vibe....

The 'Punk Rock Gown' Project: The Original

The 'Punk Rock Gown' Project: The Modifications

Photography Gallery: 'Les Miserables' A Series of Photographs

Raw Artist Performance: H.O.P.E.

Experiments in Fashion Photography

FIDM Baroque Styling Fashion Shoot