The Me of Me is what is happening. I’ve seen many celebrities. I am not impressed.

I wonder if they impress themselves. I find…to be honest that there are many concerns with ‘the celebrity’. Personality is one. Who are they? I do not know. I am patroning them why? I am not sure. For their entertainment value likely, but are they entertaining me? Sometimes. Is it God that guides me there? Usually, but I must admit sometimes it is a bit of me within them that is the draw. I consider myself a Goddess. I am a blessed person. I do not mind admitting. So I am going to see me. The Me in Me. Externalized. There for the asking and taking. Turning. Moving. Singing. Dancing. For a moment in time. I always leave from seeing me too happy.

I buy a ticket for their concert: the patron. The possible fan possibly? I’m not sure. A patron does not a fan make. They do not show themselves except for the flipping of homes. Their news can be dry. But is it uninteresting? I am not buying. So why should I care? I think again it is the Me in Me. Am I not also flipping a home? I’ve been living in my car the past year. The life of a rockstar. On the road. The wind in my hair. The eternal Zephyr. Am I not Aphrodite moving towards some distant shore that will have me? Do I not stop in their oases for a moment with my ticket in hand to attend their moment in the desert. These ‘their’, the celebrity theaters. Angels for a price. Caravans meeting. Bedouins. Do we not exchange? My scream for your pelvis gyrations. Laughing at our lot. You there and me here. Section 3 Seat 11 perhaps. To close to be seen, but too far to be ignored. Do you not look for me out there? Your eyes straining for the contact of one heart to heart. Eros. Do not cry. I am here. My ticket giving me entrance to the Hades you call home. I know you are Me. And the Me in Me…finds you still alluring having found respite outside with friends. All 1 million of us. Until next time. My love. Me.

I have found me in a dire state. The victim of a brutality of race early February 2019. Perhaps I may achieve a celebrity not desired through my lobbying for justice. The gods have called me to a place where I must walk forward and speak. It is what happened to me. I was once military. Now a veteran. In Arizona I fell. I was an officer; very high ranking and brown. Slammed in the breast like some rape victim; a victim of violence. My breast now holds a position upwards frozen now stationary and to the left darkened in black stripes. It’s truly hideous. They would not document the state. It was the Hayden VA hospital and I tried twice. Why not? Chicken skin in likeness now when once it was rivaling The Goddess Aphrodite. Now it is the legendary Amazon Diana’s breast that it rivals or even Artemis Callista. What do these goddesses want? They are showing me a bit of me from themselves. The Me in Me is speaking. What am I going to do? I do not know. Instead of tickets to concerts now I am writing letters to the Department of Public Safety in Arizona regarding issues of ‘acts unbecoming’ and ‘abuse of power’. I have also contacted the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Veteran Affairs. The IG never plays around. I am hoping that the most recent light on the Veteran Hospitals are the result of my complaints to the IG. I am one (of these ‘suicides’). However I made it out. We will see what Feary Tale is told and what is heard. This is also the Me in me.

On the evenings of early February in 2019 I had the often occasion of being in the environment of the Veteran Hospital in Phoenix Arizona. The Hayden VA Hospital. It was not necessarily friendly. On 8 Feb 2019 I wrote:

I’m being held in a va hospital against my will in phoenix az. Please contact me if you can.


I wrote this to one of my friends. I found myself at the end of a nasty decision to hold me against my will because I didn’t want to undergo breast cancer treatment. I wanted to wait and decide what to do. I wanted to see my own doctors that I was familiar with. I had another issue raised to the VA (Veteran Affairs in case you don’t know and I know it’s late, but you’re still here and reading so…) and NO ONE seemed to be interested in that one and this was the breast brutality experienced in the local area. The quality of my mental state was questioned as a result by one of the doctors for not wanting this treatment!!! WTF. WTFAU (Who The Fuck Are You?) #WTFAU Let me tell you. It wasn’t anyone I know. They were only interested in me following their own regime for cancer diagnosis. Worry. Fear. Running. To the closest doctor. I prefer my own regime. Pray. God. My own mind. Success. Did I not have the utmost success from my ‘fibroid scare’. A scare I had in 2007-2010. I was bleeding everywhere and still trotting my ass to work. That’s LtCol to you. Many doctors would have had my uterus cut and removed dashed with no chance of life. I would see otherwise. I took my black ass as long as I chose to decide and I found Dr. Michael Johnson the OB-GYN at UCLA. This doctor would win and I did not have to worry. And I was right. I retained my uterus because I chose to discern and wait: weigh and balance my options. I went to the doctor who would not make me sign the operation agreement that included the clause…‘if you are under (…surgery…) and we find that we need to do more…we reserve the right to remove the uterus…blah’ translating into I could wake without a uterus based on the doctor’s decision alone mid-surgery without my consultation. I would have none of that and talking pre-surgery won me a great surgeon who did the surgery as I wished and certainly as he wished. Did this doctor who questioned my judgment about my breast linked to a cancer diagnosis know of this event? Yes I told him, but did he really KNOW of this event. No. He was an imbecile. Thinking he was God and I was his subject. In a classic move of intimidation and circumstantial evidence I was admitted to the Hayden VA hospital when I had only come for emergency appointments and other scheduled appointments for my e-Benefits Claims paperwork. I was in need in having my disability ratings reviewed and updated to include the reconsideration of my discharge from the military such that it was upgraded to a full retirement rather than an honorable medical discharge alone. I am waiting to hear from Randolph AFB on this. Ugly Blonde. That’s how it was this crap that I went through at the VA.

All praises to Gywnn. The Goddess of Changes and the God of War. May they ever shine bright.

Below are a list of articles recently written on the current state of the veterans, Veteran hospitals and the care received there. My initial feelings on the VA healthcare system are that I find that using veteran benefits to be enticing and my right. I was recently discharged from the military and so I’m using what they have for the non-retired (more to come on this topic). I served 17+ years and had to leave due to medical issues. The ‘fibroid scare’ as mentioned above. My uterus needed more than 10 weeks to heal and so I had to leave on a medical board. OMG. Fibroid surgery is DIFFERENT from giving birth as a female. Who would’ve known? Women. The event gives different information to the body so the body responds differently after the ‘trauma’ to the physical when it comes to returning to health. Birthing babies has a memory that goes with women from a long lineage of time informing women as a collective such that women giving birth as a species ‘knows’ what it entails and body memory brings things back within a particular amount of time that has been documented over decades, even to some degree this must be true for even cesarean sections as they have been going on for some time. I believe this theory to be true even for hysterectomies…the entire removal of the uterus allows for a certain amount of memory ‘understood’ to return to health, but what of time spent inside the uterus perhaps for hours with various removals done of tumors with the intent of leaving the uterus behind? And the number of tumors on the scale of 2 digits like the thirties? The body must ‘remember’ and perhaps re-learn to some degree the elasticity of the organs and internals as well as the interface from the internals to the external ‘forms’ so that the healing can go great. It took me longer than officially originally estimated by the Air Force (not really a slam here, just update and press) and the medical leave was not sufficient, though I received much support. I left. The medical board decision made. But not retired? I don’t know why? I should’ve been and there has been an appeal submitted recently to see if my records will be reviewed. A visit to the VA Office in Phoenix and a discussion with the Veteran Affairs Official revealed the most diverting of discoveries that I SHOULD be retired and not just a regular discharge. I agreed. I was thankful as well. Pray for me here. I’m hoping for success.

Take a look at these articles on the Veteran Affairs and veterans. See what you think. There’s a lot of debate. I’m a part of this debate for a portion of time via my blog and my hard-hitting letters to various offices. I agree with all points. Except the ones I disagree with.
What do I agree with? More benefits for veterans. More healthcare. Get over the suicides. We’re military. See what else is wrong. You’ll see it’s society. The Me in Me. I will write more soon. Likely covering what I agree AND disagree with. Thanks. Sincerely.

I’ve been detained at the VA hospital in Phoenix Arizona against my will for not wanting to have treatment for breast cancer. I am not interested in going through radiation treatments and I’d already had a huge surgery just prior to leaving the Air Force which resulted in a medical discharge (honorable of course). So I’m not interested in another and the little surgery I’d had at Good Samaritan did not go well in my eyes. At any rate I am interested in going to see an herbalist and also perhaps an acupuncturist as I’ve had tons of luck with those fields in the past. Dietary healing such as use of organics and more fruit for example is also useful. Im going that way. At any rate there is a vibe that I am mental I’ll by the medical staff for not wanting this treatment and obviously I am dealing with a prevailing mentality that allow this medicine and its aegis are the best. There is a general disregard for patients rights and disregard for the right to choose as I am still here battling for the right to choose my own path when it comes to healing. I’m sure this is a stereotype from the 60s some form of institution vs freedom such as prejudices experienced by hippies and free thought individuals many who have died so that folks can have the right to choose and of course let us not forget the civil rights movement and freedoms not experienced by those who are of color. I do believe there is something involved due to racial harrassment. Other forms of rights I’m sure are in violation as I’ve asked to be released. It is scary when medical personnel only want ‘to keep you’ and not let you leave. Remember those things this nature and be thankful for those that have come before. There actually someone stationed in the room with me. I did send something to the Inspector General when I noticed behaviors were not improving and words to me were pat statements not filled with any information and no one has answered my question of when will I be discharged.

Carlos Estevez exhibit in Tucson Arizona is a great find and a great show. It’s free for Veterans and so I went in. The museum itself is amazing and beautiful well worth the visit. However the exhibit on Estevez is particularly engaging. The artworks are very much along my alley. It is very much themed with sewing and design. I am a designer and found the exhibit riveting and would easily go again. I’m in the area for a VA hospital appointment and to cover the Tucson Gem show and came in early. I haven’t really been to this area except once on a trip to Luke AFB and then driving through usually on my way to New Mexico. I often go to Sedona and had thought about doing a work study in fashion as an independent study for the Beverly Hills Design Institute. I’m still interested in the area but I’m going to admit there’s a problem with racism here and my encounter with the police hasn’t been kind. I have some legal issues as a result and I’ve found that people would rather stereotype than listen. There’s a reason people flock to alternative medicine. At any rate I’m in a bad space and missing from parts of my life due to overwhelming circumstances and I wonder if the gigs I’ve signed up for would notice if I didn’t show? This is the plight of a single black woman one that I never considered as I was in the Air Force for 17 years where there was zero tolerance for this type of bad acting. I am a blogger and writer and also some form if activist…I will write and see what comes. This is sometimes the purpose of exercising ones rights and writings. At any rate the museum is a blast and I’d highly recommend attendance. Say you saw it here if you’d like and see what comes. Good press is always great and knowing their show is being talked about I’m sure would be great news for them. On schedule at the Tucson Museum of Art.

This is a bit of my project from Academy of Couture Arts Beverly Hills Design Institute. The school is located in Beverly Hills and was once called the Academy of Couture Arts and is now known as the Beverly Hills Design Institute. I loved the first name and so sometimes I continue to use it. I think it had flair. This project is one I did for school as part of an independent study I was doing. The course was difficult and the design project very challenging. I’m on break now and it’s been hard times wondering what’s going on with my career and school. The government closure has affected me but also VA benefits are running low. I’ve started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for school and it’s not going too well. It doesn’t seem to have the exposure I want. I’m going to continue to work it so I can get it funded. You can see it at the Go Fund Me website

Check out the link and see what’s going on there.

I went to a pop up store in Westfield Mall in Beverly Hills 1 Dec and there was a demonstration on for flowers. I’d been to the store a month prior and learned about Replica and it’s mission. I was very excited about what I learned. I thought it was great. The scents I tried were great. They are long lasting and lingering. The samples I tried are still able to give off a scent. Replica is a popup shop sponsored by Maison Margiela from Paris and will be in place until the beginning of the New Year as I learned during the time. It might be possible that it will be there longer. At any rate on the 1 Dec 2018 I went for the event to put flowers together and talk about scent. I met with the Store Acoountant and did an interview with a few of the staff including those that were there to do the flower arrangement. It was a great time and the arrangement that we made came out really great. I thought it was grand to have in the store for a time and it was cool to participate. If you get to go prior to Xmas it’d be great. If not check out Flower Gypsies online at also go to @flower_gypsies. They’ve been around since 2013. I have a few interviews that I’ll post at and if able I’ll post one here.

Chick Fil A was a nightmare when I went in about a month ago. I had the most racist profiling experience there. I went inside to use the restroom and was inside using one of the stalls. I was talking to myself going in and there was a woman there who I saw doing unusual things. She was supposedly cleaning the restrooms. I was concerned and went over and asked about what was going on if she was okay and expressing I was concerned I was glad I said something. She claimed she was okay and the other lady in the restroom didn’t really comment. I went on a got inside a stall. I used it and was using and talking to myself when someone came into the restroom and knocked on my stall door and told me I had to leave. I was changing some clothes and doing my stuff and didn’t appreciate what was happening. I told her I was using the restroom and preparing to leave give me a moment. Excuse me? That’s when I was totally appalled as she proceeded to continue to demand me to leave the restroom. I was urinating…etc. whatever and I told her in a certain way to leave and give me peace and I had the right to use the restroom. At any rate I knew I had to go and complain. I finished up and left and went straight to the front cashier and asked to speak to a manager. The woman, Emily, came out and said I was the one in restroom after I told her I had a complaint. I was concerned about one of their employees in the restroom. One guy helped me to get assistance as the woman Emily was trying to avoid me. I did see the woman who was not right in the restroom. I did get images as much as possible and even a bit of video. It was painfully obvious that the woman was racist and I hate to say that…she was also profiling me and making assumptions. I told her my concerns about the employee and then I proceeded to inform her that I was going to report it and take images. She wanted to get me out of there. Of course as it was racism. I told her I had the right to take images and the right to report what I felt was unfair treatment and unprofessional and also an expression impropriety as I was doing business while she continued to try and get me to leave perhaps partially clothed or in mid-poo. When I told her to her face that I thought it was racist and that it was unprofessional and not the thing to do she didn’t really seem to be sorry. She was interested in causing a scene. I was not and kept a pretty level head until I needed to make it clear that I would be reporting her. She then scaled it back a bit because she was the location manager and it looked bad. It was around 10am and very crowded there was an audience. Hopefully the police will investigate as this isn’t right. I have the right to use a restroom and leave. It could’ve been an emergency. What ever happened to the 70's where you could go into a restaurant or cafe and use the restroom and leave. You could be on the road and traveling. Those days are long gone and have now been replaced with skepticism and racial profiling of a heinous nature as things are happening behind closed doors. Everyone wants to throw you out and assume you are trash and not even give you a benefit of a doubt. I am a student and a freelance ‘reporter’. I do press as well as fashion. I am often discriminated against because I look single, free, happy, like a student, and young…not to mention black or a person of color. I’m not use to having to call the ‘race’ card. I am an officer (former) of the US Air Force and was a Lt Col; such behavior as this would result in court martial, suspension of pay even, and perhaps even a form of sequestering not to mention relocation or firing. Harassment is simply a no-no. I’m now a veteran I shouldn’t assume the civilian world is a scab because they did not go into the military. There is an obvious level of tolerance for ill behavior and an expectation that the ‘little man’ can’t win. This is a caste system. It’s also a system to war against as it is not publically acknowledged yet is seemingly accepted everywhere like ‘no tshirts no service’. It’s been perhaps a month since I was there and when I returned I saw her and she seemed improved. I was glad and when I saw her last like a week ago as I went there for food/ice and encountered her…she actually helped me. I do believe prayer worked and the encounter opened the eyes to what was going on. Also the folks involved that helped during the confrontation must have taken action as they have varied staff. Certainly they must’ve felt that could’ve been me or maybe it might’ve been…like I was on break and had something similar ‘finally’ someone is coming in. I write about it here so I can get the awareness out and see if things can get better.

Culver City Community Theater in the Culver City Park. The website is at this address: I saw two great performances and it was totally free and fun and educational and inspiring. I loved it. I was there on this past Sunday 16 Jul 2018 and working in the car cleaning a bit and worked while watching the performances. The Trojan War was first and it was fun and quirky, but totally classic once you looked at what was going on. The story was classic of the Trojan War, but the props and interpretation as well as some modern references showed that the play and this performance still translates. The performance were great. I was surprised by how much was done and accomplished in the park and with the amount of space. They moved swiftly through scenes moving out amongst the crowd; reaching outwards and returning through quick costume changes (which was great). Stage props were awesome and were changed regularly. They were spiffy! I loved it. The acting was superlative and the entire productions were great. They were commanding and I loved watching it from my car while parked on the side. It was like the coolest drive in theater ever! I was riveted. I couldn’t turn away and I leaned into the seats and peered out my windows to watch other parts of the stage where I had obstructed viewing form the car. It was too much. I spoke with them afterwards and congratulated a few of the actors and also the stage hands. They did awesome work. I was shy to talk to them though, but I did and I was glad. I’m normally not that shy. I highly recommend checking out this season’s performances. I also highly recommend The Actor’s Gang also in Culver City. I’ve seen them as well and they ROCK! I hung out afterwards with the cast and crew and there was a DJ. It was totally cool and I totally snuck in…but I was press and it was ok. I got to see costumes and see the directors. I was actually considering joining or auditioning for a role. It was that great. AND after seeing the Park Theater crew from Culver City I was certainly keen to get acting again. It’s been awhile and I’ve done some things for film via and also via The Table (a local group I’m a part of). I’ve had some successes but I want more. I’m also looking to see about getting rights for adaptations for my short stories. I’d love to see some of my poetry/prose or even my short tales performed on stage or even on screen. They’re great and I’ve written before. My Bob’s Saloon was awesome. I rocked it as Misty Moonlight in 10th grade and I was great as a background person for recent film as well as great with short scenes from The Better Sister a short film I did in 2016. They’re available…my short stories for adaptation rights and publishing. My novella New Moon Ascendent is also available via and also via Barnes and Noble online. Check them out. I’ll see about adapting my short story ‘The Familiar’ for screenplay. I’m also looking to publish my manuscript on Sprites. It’s titled ‘Sprites: A Primer’. Exerpts are available upon request.

Piotr as I knew him and we all did from Xmen is now here for ‘Ready Player One’ and he is Parzival, one of the stars for the new film to be released 29 Mar 2018. I knew him as Piotr in my mind and I was Scarlet Witch and truth is really I was the Hex Maiden and he was The Fastest Man Alive. I can’t wait to see this film. I can’t wait. Pray for midnight shows on opening night of Ready Player One which I’m hoping for. I love the bills posted for the film. I’m a photographer that goes out looking for new poster bills and I love taking shots of them. They’ve improved over the past 6 months…becoming more savvy and more varied so you are intrigued from beginning on the artwork and of course the film. I’m destined to see this film and I’ve already seen the preview when I saw Wrinkle in Time which was also fabulous. Go see this film as well. Gen X’ers get your butt out there and buy that tix saving your space to see the film opening night and at the minimum opening weekend. You know we’re already geeky nerds slated to see Ready Player One as we were raised on comic books, Stan Lee, and Spielberg, and Lucas. Gen Y do the same as you guys are heavily on our heels and also super geeks as well. All those carded take ye selves straight away to the movies and see these films. Remember Wrinkle is too much to not go and see…this is prime for those who read and certainly are for Gen Xers (&Boomers too). 'Nuff said.

I had the opportunity to cover the 45th Annie Awards held on 3 Feb 2018 at the UCLA Royce Hall. It was a night for honoring animation and animated film. There were nods to animated shorts, storyboardists, animators, popular networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and studios such as Sony Animation Studios. It was very interesting and I saw a lot of art and animation that was new works and new ways of treating animation and character building to include storytelling. It was a packed event, but I must admit I did run into some issues. There were bullying problems from security which I found to be off-putting and abnormal. I’d never seen anything like it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the after party to look more at fashion trends. I think this particular awards doesn’t deal well with photographers on site. There were many opportunities for photography throughout the ceremony and immediately following that would’ve done well to get basic photography out on the actual event that is expected by the public. I hope next time is better if I apply to go. This venue could’ve been better. The shots I got came off the television outside the auditorium and from folks passing by. I’d hoped for better shots, but when you gotta work you go for the shots you can get.

The Ellis Boys (the Pitch): I’ve got me an idea for a tale that’s faery and clockwork orange in the way that clockworks work. The tale is a tale of 9 guys and 1 guy that’s a girl. They are the ‘gents’ and they run the streets of New York. They are faery and they’ve taken over a small brownstone where they live which includes the surrounding blocks and neighborhoods for at least 10 miles around but it could be more. They are led by Jim Brown known as ‘Ellis one’; he be the main thief and the one who manages ‘schedules’ of time. They are related to Merlin in some way or the other and they have Merlin amongst them. The are a gang mafia and they call themselves the ‘Mad Men’. They move through a period of time ranging from the 50's to the 70's and they themselves are incarnated forward in the year 2020 where they are in their 20's and early 30's. I dreamt this movie treatment/pitch for a feature film inspired by my trip to San Francisco and my own meanderings with Faery as they are my guides and all things faery are usually to my liking. I’m a writer and I’m looking for a studio and the following actors: Ryan Reynolds, Rayan Gosling, Chadwick Bauman, Colin Morgan, the lead from Peaky (Cerrilan I think he was in Never Been Kissed and is of Irish decent), there are 4 others guys + 1 girl (who goes around as a guy and they call her ‘Merle’ (she is the Merlin). They move through time dealing with little breaks in time continuities that cause the fall of current time where they are incarnated which impact the earth and current events. There they are known as ‘the Clockworks’ and they are ‘new kids’. They’ve saved many lives and taken many as well. They are the ones you call when you go ‘to the stacks’ at the library, the liberty statue, and the boat when you go to Ellis Isle. They come through there, but they also come through other places, but you only find them in New York. They never fail except in this story I’ve got where they began to encounter themselves. ‘to the Peakies!’ copyright protected 2018 LaDonna Joyce Davis

The red carpet at the Mammoth Film Festival was more to showcase the actors as actors rather than showcasing them for their fashion trends. There was great fashion to be had, but the red carpet didn’t have as many walking it to show their styles which I hope will change in the future. Fashion here, was found more off the red carpet. Trends in shoes were significant: the duck booties are back and I suspect they’ll be making a bit hit on the red carpet as possible options for casual footwear similar to one might see for a skirt or suit with Converse. They were amazing…along with checks on sneakers and slim fitting leather boots. I found the boots to be one of the more chic sets of boots I’ve seen in a long time. You have to own them. For film festivals such as these you’ll see tons of cool winter gear and it’s a great chance to see layering.

The Visit a movie short nominated for many awards was shown at the Mammoth Film Festival at Mammoth Lakes CA with Romina Schwedler, the Director in attendance. The film was part of a plethora of film offered for screening that weekend in February 2018. I had the chance to interview Romina Schwedler directly and the interview can be seen at The film was unusual and ran for the length of 12 minutes or so. It was memorable and left you wondering. The Visit isn’t necessarily what you think it might be; who is being visited and when is the visit meaning when is the pivotal visit happening? I say this because after the first viewing I realized that the one I thought might have been doing the visit is maybe the one who was being visited. It’s a sleeper thriller. Go see it. If you visit Romina’s site you might be able to see if it’ll be screened again. You can certainly keep up with her work. It’s a great piece. You have to see it again to get it. It’s not what you think. At all. I want to see more.

Attended the Mammoth Film Festival earlier in the month and it was great. Loved seeing the films I was able to catch, got an interview with Romina Schwedler (filmmaker), took pics at the red carpet. I highly recommend going to this film festival. The docket was filled with tons of movies ranging from shorts, drama, thrillers and other genres. The theaters was great. Old fashioned maybe, but cool to watch movies in it matters when you’re really a moviephile. I used to work at movie theaters when I younger working concessions and doing the usher deal and even got my shot working the ticket booth. This festival had a cool vibe. Check out my blog for more. I have an interview with Romina Schwedler coming soon and will likely post some of that interview here. I loved Bikini Blue directed by Jarek Marszewski, Tomasz Kot, Lianne Harvey. You can check out my review in another post.

Out and about in Southern California got me very inspired. I wanted to show my diversity as a photographer. These are shots of the local area of Carlsbad.The day was beautiful and stunning. The people and fauna was lovely. I’d go down there in an instant for a good day in the sun at leisure and play all hard work when you get down to the doing of it, but they, the locals, make it look easy. I guess that’s why it’s California.

Becca was great to talk to and I really enjoyed them. Their eyeshadow palette is great. I worked with it briefly and it goes on very sheer. It blends very nicely and I would use it with an oil base product like Marula Shimmering Gold Oil. Blend as if making a mixture for painting; using a bit of olive oil to make the mixture go further. Paint it on the lid for a beautiful effect. You can also go and make a ‘spackle’ using the powder eyeshadow and a different implement to apply little bits of shadow. It can be fun to try. Dare and experiment and see how you like it. Get to the shop and buy. The Marula Shimmering Gold Oil by African Botanicals is very much worthwhile.

'Tis the season for pop-up shops and you’ll find them everywhere! I went to Revolve a popup shop expecting to be around through to December 22. It’s located in Melrose close to Fairfax cross streets. In it you’ll find many things worthwhile for the shopper into trying the latest and greatest items on the market for makeup and beauty. I found representatives of the brands to be there from Becca and Nu-Face both new companies for me, but with products that were too interesting to pass up. I was given a sample palette of Becca eyeshadows and they were great for playing and layering. I’d buy it easy. I was also given a great gift from Nu-Face, a company that specializes in products for the face to reduce aging lines and improve skin elasticity and resilience. It’s started by Carol Cole and I found it to be very diverting and also filled with great potential for other applications. I wondered if it might be great for the restoration of facial muscle mobility in stroke victims to include restoration of tactile awareness (nerve restoration). Although the device is mainly for the face it reminded me of devices used to heal my tendon when I went to physical therapy when in the military. It’s travel size makes it great for home use for those who have sport injuries should they receive a patent for that application. Other baubles of interest were the tattoo pen, products by Amikca, and perfumes. Go if you get the chance.

In the Tub Volume 2 book launch was a huge success. The red carpet was stellar with celebrity designers such as Eli James of Actors from upcoming Marvel Group movie Black Panther and models from the book such as Lola Miche and Ricky Whittle. Mario Van Peeples was also in attendance. Fashion highlights are captured here from the red carpet. For images contact You can find more at

The event was fantastic. It was the book launch opening night for TJ Scott’s In the Tub Volume 2. It took place at Hollywood and Highland in the Sweet! Hollywood shop. It was well attended and the after party was full of guests. It carried on well into the evening. The red carpet was phenomenal. I didn’t get to meet the photographer sadly, his work was engaging. I did get to meet many others and spoke of the project and it’s scope/reach and audience. I was able to gain insight into the opinions from some of models in the project to include feedback and impression from the charity’s FUCANCER ambassadors that were in attendance. All felt it was well worth it and worthwhile as an artform. I spoke to celebrities and attendees on their love of their fashion that they were sporting and I did on-the-spot interviews from exitees from the red carpet to see just what moved them to attend and what got them into the project. See more at For images, please contact

The fight against cancer was on during the book launch celebrating TJ Scott’s second release of a project focusing on models and art posing in and around a simple prop: the tub. Attendees included celebrities, the project’s models and photographers. It was a collaborative project between the TJ Scott and the charity FUCANCER. For images contact For more see

Hollywood & Highland saw the opening launch of TJ Scott’s second book In the Tub Volume 2 to celebrate art and the fight against cancer. It is a collaboration in success and the evening was well attended. Food provided by LA Root. Signed books auctioned off during the evening as well as copies available for purchase. It was chance to meet models for the project, as well as the photographer and even the charity’s ambassador in attendance. For images contact More can be found at