LaDonna Davis

Gallery Pictures: Gallery 3 (Faery)





These are images I took that reminded me of Faery. I am really into the Faery and Sprite Realms. I love stories of Faeries, Fae, King Arthur and Merlin. I suspect that one day I might write about them, but until that time…I have my images and my art. Usually the image comes out as I develop it. I don’t go out to ‘take’ an image of Morgan le Faye. I develop an image and suddenly the vibe and image begins to take on Morgan le Faye for example. These images represent Faeries, Sprites, and Mer.

Morgan le Faye

Faery Girl

Stepping Into the Blue


Shakespeare. (The Trooping of Sprites)


The Coming of Sprites


Fae (Ghostie)

Faery King