LaDonna Davis

Modeling: Metamorphosis Shoot




Model/Stylist: Photography Shoot


I worked with Robyn Preston who was the photographer on this project. This project came about through my interest in telling stories through photography and I wanted to tell my own story of my journey from a career in engineering to a new life of as an artist. I styled and modeled for this shoot and this shoot represents where I’d like to see my own photography go in the future. I wanted to tell the story of a girl, wild and free (a bit of a faery), who’s in the forest communing with the butterflies. This is seen in the first look where I wore the multi-colored gown with dangle earrings designed by The faery begins to undergo a change to become a butterfly best represented by the image where I put on the butterfly top hat that I created. Eventually the faery emerges as a butterfly seen in the second look with the green/teal gown where I wear the butterfly train/wrap that I created and designed. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and I think Robyn captured really wonderful moments that I feel is a metaphor for my own journey. A detailed synopsis of the shoot can be found: