Gallery Pictures: Gallery 1

This is my first gallery of my special images. These are the images that I loved so much that became more like paintings. They all have something in common in that they’ve been named. I only name my images when they’ve taken on more of an artistic slant/interpretation of the initial shot. This gallery features some of my earlier images which captured the story I saw in the image after editing. All of my imagery in these galleries are about the story. It’s can be the story I see in the picture or the story I want to tell from my early concepts. I hope to see these images move on into new venues where they can be appreciated by a wider audience. Only time will tell.

"China Doll"
Model: Annika Smith

"Bohemian Rose"
Model: Lily Markosian

Model: Annika Smith

Model: Tysa Goodrich

'The Bride'
FIDM Baroque Photoshoot
Model: Hannah Nunez

Model: Aness
Red Light lounge

"Green Tourmaline"
Model: Lily Markosian

FIDM MODE™ Launch Pool Party

"Designs in Flight"

"Urban Dryad"

Aness at Red Light Lounge

Model: Tysa Goodrich

'Aunt Esther'
Model: Nia Celine

'Santa Fe'
Model: Rashida

'The Weight of a Conscience'
Model: Corey J. Roberts