Photography: Adventures in Fashion Styling

I had a lot of ideas and concepts I wanted to try out with styling as well as working with many props. My friend Nia modeled for me and it turned out great! We had a great time with me throwing new ideas out for poses and she trying them out. I had amazing clothing from different designers. From tutu skirts from Carmen Creation (, a stunning ring from Mitsymoto Designs (, yummy necklaces from LeBling (, shrugs/coats/boleros from cool L.A. sample sales and amazing flower clips by Legendary Empowerment I had tons to work with for styling. I used baby tutus as belts and hats and used a wig form as an extra. Some shots came out odd, quirky and terribly interesting and I don’t know that I was specifically shooting them with anything in mind other than I loved the color scheme or I was following an intuition to see where it would lead. The shoot gave me a chance for me to try and retry out my own designs and see how they worked/or didn’t or how they could be used in new ways. I designed a new necklace/wrap that Nia wore in some of the shots and they turned out great. I’m very happy with all the images.