Gallery Pictures: Gallery 2

These are my ‘Gallery Shots’ and I’ve gotten enough photographs to open up a second gallery of my work. These are the images that I loved so much that became more like paintings. They all have something in common in that they’ve been named. I only name my images when they’ve taken on more of an artistic slant/interpretation of the initial shot. This sometimes comes out through editing, but I’ve discovered that sometimes that special artistic slant can be captured in the initial shot. My work has begun to move in new directions which I love. All of my imagery in these galleries are about the story. The story I see in the picture or the story I want to tell. I hope to see these images move on into new venues where they can be appreciated by a wider audience. Only time will tell.



'…one day she decided she would be a lamp…'
Model: Nia Celine


'The Last Paparazzi'



Snow White



Marlboro Man