Print & Digital Work (Published)

My first photography spread in print published by iMirage Magazine. Sept 2105
Titled: Faery Through the Looking Glass.

I was so excited to see it in digital that I couldn’t believe it was my work. It’s sometimes like that where you find your work is perhaps better than you thought. I was so thankful. I can’t wait to be seen more in print.

MUCH LOVE iMirage…much love…

These are images I took in London a couple of years ago and for me it was about seeing Faery. I loved using reflections to capture my ideas and concepts of how I thought Faery in the city would appear. And this is it. iMirage picked up the images in their 1 Sept 15 issue. I was too excited. My view of Feary I think is unique in these shots. Seen but not seen. Faery true and true.

Kitten and the Band appeared in iMirage’s Fire & Passion issue.

The Butterfly Maidens and Sprite appeared in iMirage’s Electric Pop issue (Oct 15).

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